Something Wicked

Gratuitous Giles admiration.


My Buffy collection has grown. Phone camera is not the best. One day I’ll catalog everything individually.

Just a great episode.

Uther putting on his shirt. Gaius holding a sword awkwardly. Chatting like true friends. Someone walking in on them. They were Arthur and Merlin before there was an Arthur and Merlin.

Even though Gaius basically runs out of the room and abandons Uther. Thanks, pal.

Bound by blood.

Are you mad?

Pick it up.

Merlin - Sins of the Father

Awesome episode. The emotion in this scene kills me, and I will probably make a few more small gifs from it because of that.


Morgana is beautiful.

Also, she realizes Arthur is sitting right there and can see her roll her eyes, right?

He makes pink look good.

That mug isn’t green.