Something Wicked

Giles!Horse is best horse.

I can only assume he giggled every time, and this was the most usable take.

I can only assume he giggled every time, and this was the most usable take.

The Gift, Season 5

It’s that time again. My Buffy collection, reorganized. I haven’t been able to expand it as much as I would like but I’m working on it =]

Top shelf is a display (calendars, dvd and vhs sets, puzzles, games and Giles figure).

Second shelf are all mass market sized paperbacks. Spike is there as well.

Third shelf are DVDs and trading cards.

Fourth shelf is another display with puzzles, and more card boxes. My board game is also supposed to be there but I forgot it and its not pictured.

Fifth shelf down are books about the show (scriptbooks included), as well as trade sized novels.

Sixth shelf are all my graphic novels and comics.

The two smaller shelves are a display and Angel stuff, which I don’t technically collect but have gathered some of.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfic Thing

(So, I wrote this while I was at work, then typed it up when I got home. I was wondering if it was an idea worth pursuing as a complete story, since it’s been years since I’ve written anything substantial. I don’t really have any confidence anymore, and it’s hard for me to focus, but if people were interested it might be good to get back into writing. Please forgive any errors/poor writing. None of the details are set in stone, it’s kind of just a potential random chapter from a longer story.)

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His poor British sensibilities.

Nice try, Giles.

Rugged indeed.

Not a terrible club to be in.