Something Wicked

Giles!Horse is best horse.

Dionysus: ‘97 Xinomavro. Would you like a taste?

Chiron: Why do you torture yourself, Dionysus?

Dionysus: It was one transgression. One. And with a naiad, for the sake of Olympus. How was I to know that Zeus had a thing for her? Or that he could hold a grudge for so long?

Chiron: I think the fact that Zeus is immortal means there’s no limit to how long he can hold a grudge.

Dionysus: The Christians have a guy who can do this trick in reverse. Now, that’s a god.

Can I just say, I could watch a whole movie with just these two?

Can we talk about how handsome this guy is?


His poor British sensibilities.

Nice try, Giles.

Rugged indeed.

Not a terrible club to be in.

I like the way he flips everyone off while he’s reading.

Very British.